Nut Job 2 - Nutty By Nature U

Nut Job 2 - Nutty By Nature

Nut Job 2 - Nutty By Nature U

Mon 1 Jan 0001 - Tues 28 Aug 2018, 11am

Having saved his city park from a catastrophic food shortage, sassy squirrel Surly is now revered as a hero by his fellow animals. However, when the mayor of Oakton decides to build an amusement park on top of their home in Liberty Park, Surly and his friends Buddy, Andie, Precious and the rest of their animal friends are called into action once again to save their home.

The mayor has big, corrupt plans to bulldoze the park, leaving the animals without a home, but Surly is determined to stop him and decides to get help from street mouse gang leader Mr. Feng, but he soon realises they're in for a tough fight to save their way of life.

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